Management Consultation & Advertising

Establishing Businesses

Licensing/feasibility, study/government and subsidy programs

We largely rely on a wide range of methods in establishing businesses based on the type and size of each project as follows: 

  • Primary consultations.
  • General statistical studies.
  • Detailed scheme of project phases, along with license and foundation timeframe.
  • Detailed feasibility study.
  • Distribution of tasks and formation of work teams based on project requirements.
  • Regular follow up with a detailed report.
  • General revision of businesses foundation with final report.

Development of Existing Businesses

Businesses generally need constant review to ensure their continual development in line with the general conditions and variables of the market and needs of each consuming segment which can be achieved at different levels with different mechanisms.  

Methods of development largely vary according to the establishment’s size, needs and objectives. In ARTSY, we endeavor to determine the required volume of interference through partnership with business owners for reaching the desired results.


Models of our development services are miscellaneous covering numerous fields as follows:


Detailed consultations along with a general report on steps to be taken and mechanisms of implementation


Comprehensive administrative and re-structural plans.


Developmental plans for divisions.


Overall management of developmental plan.

Single Consultation (Entrepreneurship)

With the growing expansion of markets and intense diversity of services & products in all communities, entrepreneurship has become a major tool in promoting the economy. A large segment of the workforce at different levels strongly tend to adopt this type of projects due to its unique features and ability for innovation and development, in addition to its uncomplicated nature in management, materialization and financing compared to other giant projects.

Hence, and due to our vast knowledge of the growing numbers of individuals seeking entrepreneurship options in domestic markets, we have endeavored to design a set of support programs for assisting business owners based on their needs, expectations and nature of their projects.

These services can be implemented through the following steps:

  • Study of client’s general situation with points of strength & weakness.
  • Study of the services, products, and advertising material of the client.
  • Definition of the objectives to be achieved.
  • Evaluation of client’s team skills and ability to handle advertising mechanisms after training provided by us.
  • General plan of development with timeframes.
  • Preparation of essential outlets and tools to be used during advertising.
  • Possible interference of our team in some services in a way to assist client’s team to for achieving desired objectives.
  • Submission of assessment report on results and areas of improvement.